A Guide To Stylish Winter Family Photo Outfits For Cold Weather Photography

by Cutting Edger / Last Update: January 30, 2024 A Guide To Stylish Winter Family Photo Outfits For Cold Weather Photography

As the cold of winter surrounds us, let's change those family moments into cozy memories with cold-weather photography! We get it – picking outfits that are both coordinated and comfy in the cold can feel like solving a puzzle. 

Check out this blog - it’s your best guide for mastering those perfect winter family photo outfits! We are exploring winter colors, outfit ideas for everyone from little ones to grown-ups, and helpful tips on maintaining style while keeping toasty. Whether you are playing outside in the winter wonderland or staying indoors, think of this as your style guide.


Dress Yourself First

Make yourself happy first, then everyone is happy! This works for family photos too. When you wear clothes that make you feel awesome, you smile bigger and everyone relaxes. So let's pick outfits that make you feel like a superhero. Maybe it's your favorite green sweater, warm and snuggly. Or a cool leather jacket with a big cozy scarf. Pick what makes you happy, you can even try new things. When you feel great, everyone else does too. It's like magic! Plus, looking awesome in photos makes them extra special.

Now, let's dress the rest of the family. They don't have to wear the same clothes, just colors that go well together. Like brown and cream, with a little red or blue for fun. Or soft sweaters with shiny jackets, they all look good together! Remember, family photos are about you, not the clothes. So everyone can wear what they like! Kids can sparkle in fancy shirts, Dad can wear a fun hat, and Mom can add a sparkly scarf. So pick clothes that make you feel like stars, and everyone will shine in the photos! It's going to be awesome, just like your family.


Give Plenty Of Time To Shop

Winter photos in the snow are the best! Everyone looks cozy in warm sweaters and their cheeks get pink from the cold. It's like making a memory snowball. But before you pick clothes, give yourself lots of time to find the perfect outfits. Think of it like an adventure for cool winter clothes! Rushing makes you stressed and the clothes might not fit or look good. So, start looking 4-6 weeks before the photos, like a month. This gives you time to look online or go to stores with the cold air outside. You might find the perfect green sweater or a sparkly scarf that makes you feel like a superhero Mom!

When you wait until the last minute, clothes might not fit and you feel scared you won't find anything. But with time, you can order different sizes and make sure everyone feels happy and comfy in their clothes. On photo day, everyone will be relaxed and smiling instead of stressed. The photographer will take pictures of real smiles and laughter, not worried faces! It'll be the best winter photo adventure ever, just like your family.  


Warm Neutral Outfits  

Snowflakes falling, rosy cheeks, and happy smiles – winter photos are the best! But picking clothes for everyone can feel tricky, like a mystery in the cold. Don't worry, stylish families! We're going to look super cool in comfy, warm outfits that match the pretty snowy picture. Think soft white sweaters, cuddly beige scarves, cool gray jackets, and brown hats. These colors are like magic, making everyone look awesome next to the snow and trees. They're like chameleons too you can add pops of color and fun things to make your special style. 

Imagine everyone wearing creamy white, charcoal gray, and oatmeal colors – like a cool team ready for a winter adventure! It shows how close your family is, all warm and snuggly together. But neutrals aren't boring! We can add cozy textures like chunky sweaters with shiny pants, soft turtlenecks with skirts, or warm coats over light shirts. Mix and match like a pro to make your photos extra special, like eye candy!

Start with neutrals, then add fun things like bright scarves, cool hats, cute mittens, and sparkly jewelry in red, green, or blue. Maybe Dad wears a plaid shirt under his coat, or your little one has a red scarf around their neck. These little things show what makes your family unique. No one likes being cold in photos! Wear lots of layers like turtlenecks, cardigans, and toasty coats to stay comfy and happy. Don't forget scarves, hats, and mittens – they keep you warm and look awesome too!

So forget chilly struggles and get ready for warm, stylish winter photos! Everyone will look great and have fun, making memories that last forever.


Family Outfit With Different Textures

It's winter! Time to embrace and capture some heartwarming family moments together with the sparkly snow. But before you say cheese, let's get rid of the boring outfits and create photo-perfect memories with fun textures!

Think cozy knits hugging sleek leather jackets, soft corduroy dancing with smooth cashmere, and warm mittens with shiny threads – like a mini fashion party for everyone! Layering like a pro is key. Imagine chunky sweaters waltzing over silky shirts, or fleece hoodies tangoing with cool leather vests. It's not just about keeping warm, it's about creating a visual feast that tells your family's unique story. Don't be afraid to mix and match! Think denim jackets serenading cashmere turtlenecks, or sparkly dresses twirling under corduroy coats. These unexpected pairings create a playful harmony, just like your awesome family.

Accessories are your secret weapon! Chunky necklaces add a touch of bohemian magic to knit dresses, while sparkly earrings bring a dose of glamour to corduroy jackets. Don't forget cozy mittens with metallic threads or fuzzy hats – they're like the icing on the cake! Remember, your surroundings matter! If you're nestled in a snowy forest, choose earthy tones and warm textures like wool and faux fur. For a city backdrop, go for bolder contrasts like sleek leather against soft cashmere. This makes your outfits look super cool next to the scenery. 

So, ditch the matchy-matchy and embrace the tactile magic of different textures! Layer, mix, and accessorize with your people. Your photos will be a sensory experience, a cozy hug of warmth and personality, woven together by the magic of texture. You'll create memories that will keep you warm long after the frost has melted, reminding you of the joy of family, the beauty of winter, and the fun of fashion adventures!


Match Family Photo Outfits On Christmas


Ho ho ho, fashionistas! Forget boring holiday sweaters and dive into trendy, matching family photo outfits for Christmas that'll leave you saying "Santa who?!"

Forget matchy-matchy, go co-ordi-chic! Think bold plaids dancing with cozy knits, sparkly emerald greens twinkling alongside deep burgundy reds. Create a cohesive look without being carbon copies – like a festive fashion puzzle, each piece unique yet fitting perfectly together. Chunky cardigans over silky camisoles, leather jackets waltzing with fleece hoodies – keep it warm and stylish. Plus, layers mean endless outfit combos for even more Insta-worthy snaps!

Accessorize like you mean it! Pom-pom beanies, sparkly scarves, metallic mittens – they're the sprinkles on your festive fashion sundae. Don't forget the little ones – reindeer antlers and jingle bell necklaces will have them giggling (and stealing the show!). Location, location, location! Snowy wonderland? Option for earthy tones and warm textures. City backdrop? Go bolder with sleek lines and pops of color. Let your surroundings inspire your stylish family ensemble.

Personalize it! Mom can rock a sequined skirt with a chunky knit sweater, Dad can sport a plaid shirt with a cool leather vest – embrace individual vibes while keeping the family theme alive. So, ditch the cookie-cutter outfits and rock the holidays with matching flair! Your Christmas photos will be the envy of the entire North Pole, proving that family fashion fun knows no bounds. Get out there, capture the Christmas cheer, and slay the style game, one matching outfit at a time! 


Outfits With Winter Accessories 

Forget boring hats and Rudolph headbands! This Christmas, dress your family up in fun winter things that'll make everyone say "Wow, you look amazing".

Imagine fluffy hats with poofs on top next to scarves that shine like snowflakes. Think chunky necklaces making cute sweaters even prettier, and sparkly gloves keeping little hands warm and stylish. These things are like sprinkles on your Christmas outfit ice cream! They make you look way cooler and show off your special style. Don't forget the little ones! Necklaces with bells will make them giggle, and reindeer earmuffs will turn them into cute explorers. But don't just put on everything that sparkles! Pick things that go well with your clothes and colors. Choose nature colors and cozy textures for snowy pictures, or bright colors and clean lines for city photos.

Everyone gets to shine. Mom can wear a fancy necklace with a cuddly sweater, Dad can wear a cool hat with a leather jacket – everyone can look cool and still be Christmassy. So, forget the boring stuff and make the holidays super stylish with awesome accessories! Your Christmas photos will be the best on the North Pole, showing that family fashion is awesome even when it's cold! Go out, have fun, and look amazing, one cool thing at a time! 

Location Inspiration

Ready to turn your family photos into a winter wonderland fashion show? Explore these location inspirations to set the stage for your stylish winter family photo outfits. From snowy parks to cozy cabins, we've got the scoop on the perfect spots that'll make your family pics pop with style. Let the chilly chic adventure begin Forget the tired mantle shots - this winter, unleash your family's fashion magic with photo backdrops so cool, they'll steal the show! Think location-powered outfit vibes that'll make your snaps hotter than cocoa on a frosty day.

Frosty Wonderland Frolic

Cozy knits In Earthy Tones:

Channel those snow-dusted vibes with chunky cardigans in moss green, cable-knit sweaters in camel, and wool scarves in burnt orange. These warm hues blend with the winter wonderland, creating a postcard-perfect postcard.

Faux Fur For The Win:

Embrace the wintery feel with cozy faux fur hats, vests, or even mittens. They add a touch of playful luxury and keep everyone warm for those epic snowball fights.

Metallic Magic:

Let snowflakes shimmer off your outfits with silver or gold accents. Think chunky necklaces, sparkly headbands, or even metallic boots that add festive cheer without going overboard.

City Lights Chic Sizzle

Sleek Lines And Pops Of Color 

Black jackets, tailored pants, and dresses offer a sophisticated base. Inject some festive fun with bright scarves, sequined hats, or statement earrings in emerald green or ruby red.

Leather Love

Elevate your look with leather jackets, vests, or belts. The edgy touch adds a cool contrast to the festive backdrop, making your family stand out from the crowd.

Festive Footwear 

Ditch the snow boots and step into the spotlight with sparkly shoes or boots. Think metallic ballet flats, velvet ankle boots with red bows, or even playful sneakers with festive prints.



During winter, taking nice family photos is like creating art. It's not just about the camera. This guide helps us pick cool winter family photo outfits. We talk about choosing colors that match winter and picking clothes that are both warm and stylish. we've slewed the fashion game with easy, cozy, and trendy tips for your cold-weather photography adventure. Every part of what the family wears helps make a warm and connected picture. Remember, winter family photos are not just about snowy backgrounds. They're also about laughing together, giving hugs, and keeping close bonds. So, when you're getting ready to capture those quick moments, use this guide to make your family photos show not just the cold weather but also the warmth of love, togetherness, and cool style. 


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