What is Photo Retouching? Why It’s so important to Retouch?

photo retouching

The rise of virtual photographs is increasing globally:

According to reports, it is estimated that at least 1.2 trillion digital photos have been captured last year and that’s only set to grow as per Ephotozine and New York Times. The sole reason being that almost every individual nowadays has a smartphone in their pockets, which is used to capture photos with. Now the important questions come to discussion on how individuals tend to Retouch Photos. One may ask what actually is Photo Retouching and why it is so important. The term “retouch” implies the act of improving the appearance of an image. Generally, in photography, retouch simply means to remove certain defects from an image. 
Increasing number of photos being taken over every decade as per Ephotozine

           Figure 1:  Increasing number of photos being taken over every decade as per Ephotozine.

In other words, Photo Retouching is defined as the process of changing an image to prepare it for the final presentation. In particular, the word retouching alludes to any cycle used to actually change a picture. Photography retouching is to eliminate specific imperfections from an image.

The main benefits of photo retouching:Benefits of Photo Retouching

Figure 2:  Benefits of Photo Retouching.

1. Incredible Photographs Sell:

Almost 70% of the consumers tend to claim that the overall quality of a product’s photo is ‘significantly crucial’. For instance, a fast-food joint publishes mouthwatering pictures of its menu or Real estate presenting pictures of their properties for sale.

2. Building a Brand Reputation:

Based on the website and social media presence, it’s likely for the potential partners and customers to evaluate the current Portfolio and Productivity. Thus, having unique professional photos or images rather than stock images will certainly play a part in establishing and supporting the brand as a whole.

3. Standing out from the Competition:

With the aid of photo retouching, it could assist a company establish an authentic genre of the company’s very own visual content, that will distinguish not only the brand, as well as a strong online process, stimulating growth and generating substantial benefits.

4. Social Media Marketing:

A company’s target audience is much more likely to draw in with great pictures rather than poor quality and low-resolution ones. Professionally taken and retouched photos are shareable and will help grow the number of followers on social media.

5. Printed marketing materials:

Majority of sales representatives tend to utilize printed materials such as brochures, flyers, and catalogs during meetings with the potential clients. Thus, it is important that the company should only use professionally edited/retouched photos that are appealing to their target audience.

Likely audiences that are benefitted from Photo Retouching:

By Image Retouching techniques it enhances the fine details of the images, transforming them to appear to look more polished and attractive, therefore more likely to build and uphold a sturdy customer relationship encouraging sales. SMBs, also referred to as small and medium businesses are also benefited from photo retouching.

Likely audiences that are benefitted from Photo Retouching

Figure 3: Likely audiences that are benefitted from Photo Retouching.

Approximately around 46% to 50% of people find it easier to assure a business which tends to have and portray genuine images on their website, as compared to stock images. Having the photos edited, retouched in a professional manner, even a small office space can be transformed to look spacious and welcoming, without misleading the audiences or users.

Therefore, editing itself can be time-relevant with providing necessary adjustments, contrast and coloring. So, when simple editing is not able to get the job done, that is where retouching begins. By spending up to ten minutes of work on an image, we can say that it is basic or amateur retouching. However, generally, retouching as a whole for most of us means is defined as the alteration and manipulation of the specific photo beyond the photo beyond the photographer’s control and ability in the camera. 

The Correlation Photo Retouching and E-commerce Website:

In the era of digitalization, digital photography plays a pivotal role across a plethora of industries. Especially being beneficial for the e-commerce sectors to the retail sector. On a day-to-day basis, the need for digital photography is booming. Photo retouching and editing plays an imperative role in any business at which the company can enhance and improve their brand recognition, visibility and brand goodwill overall.


To sum up everything in simple words, the overall procedure of editing a photo is often quick, that usually ranges from a few seconds to a couple of minutes for each particular photo. Maybe it appears to be prompt and swift, however, when it comes to doing 500 or more photos individually, that certainly accumulates to hours and hours of rigorous work. It is an open fact or perhaps can say that it is a trade secret that photographers, let be individuals or enterprises. So, dividing down, there may be the need for color correction, brightness, contrast, or other examples. Every single editing ends up adding style, a unique genre or even the artist’s very own flair. 

So, if you are looking forward to stand out from the crowd in a competitive market, you can always count on Cutting Edger to assist you with providing quality re-touched images as per your requirements and make an impression on your brands portfolio.

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