Top 10 Clipping Path Services Providers in 2024

by Cutting Edger / Last Update: July 01, 2024 Top 10 Clipping Path Services Providers in 2024

Nowadays only capturing photographs is not enough. To make the photographs more accurate so that they can serve their purpose, people and industries seek the help of top Clipping Path services providers. Clipping Path is the advanced version of basic photo editing where professionals manipulate, correct and retouch the photographs to serve a specific purpose.

Personal photoshoots like weddings, headshots, and newborn photographs require Clipping Path services so that they can outshine and make the memories sustainable through photographs. On the other hand, Clipping Path services are also used in the fashion industry and e-commerce sites to make the models and product photographs more appropriate to the audience.


What is Clipping Path? Why it is Necessary?

Clipping Path is the advanced version of photo editing that is used for professional purposes to make the photographs detailed and specific to catch the attention of the viewers and serve the purposes. Every picture that is used in the commercial industry goes through various Clipping Path services for them to look flawless and detailed.

 Clipping Path services are necessary for:

  • Fixing the errors of photos
  • Make the photos look professional
  • Increase the photo quality
  • Enhance the detailing of the photos
  • Make the photos appropriate for the purpose


Why Should You Hire Agencies for Clipping Path Services?

Let it be for personal occasions or professional photoshoots, clipping path services is mostly required for bulk photographs. An individual can't go through thousands of images and complete the post-production within a day or two. But, as there are hundreds of professional graphic designers working in agencies and they have access to all the necessary tools and have years of expertise they can complete this mammoth task within minimal time that also at a minimal cost. 

Mostly the pictures that require Clipping Path services are stored as stock images and used for years so they must look timeless and at the same time professionally edited with zero flaws. The agencies help the clients to edit their photographs according to their requirements by professional graphic designers. Besides, hiring agencies to do such monotonous jobs allows the employees to concentrate on more important tasks and at the same time it is cost effective and time-saving.

In this article, we will highlight the top 10 Clipping Path Services Providers in 2024 so you know which agencies are ruling the market and whom to go to for your pictures for professional image edits.



Fixthephoto is one of the most popular photo editing services provider agency that is online based and allows free trials as well. This is comparatively a new agency in the photo retouching business that started its services in 2023. But within a year it has won the hearts and trust of thousands of users and has made it to the list of top clipping path services providers in 2024.

You need to create an account and upload your photographs with written instructions and sample photographs. Then when the editing is done you can either accept the photos or request for changes if the edit does not match your instruction.

Why it is unique?

  • Provides fast 24-hour turnaround
  • Online-based service, allows worldwide service
  • Secured for personal and professional use
  • Follows your sample photo style

Photo editing services Fixthephoto provides:

  • Portrait Photo Editing
  • Wedding Photo Editing
  • Body Photo Editing
  • Newborn Photo Editing
  • Product Photo Editing for E-commerce
  • Jewellery Photo Editing
  • Photo Manipulation and Enhancement
  • Real Estate Photo Editing
  • Photo Restoration



Pixelz is another online-based image editing company that helps professionals by providing reliable AI image retouching services. With Pixelz, you can edit about 40,000 pictures per day which is impossible with traditional post-production style. Pixelz takes the help of automation along with professionals and by this, it maintains the speed of retouching and consistency of the retouching quality.

Why is it unique?

  • 1-hour turnaround time with Flow subscription
  • 40,000+ processed photos delivered daily
  • Secured and transparent service
  • Tools for online photo reviewing feature to skip downloading photos
  • Real-time updates on your work with average lead time

Services Pixelz provides:

  • E-commerce: For e-commerce photographs, 
  • Pixelz provides background removal, 
  • colour correction, clipping path, 
  • retouching and Ghost Mannequin services.
  • Editorial: For editorial purposes, 
  • Pixelz includes clipping path, clean-up, 
  • subjective edits and retouching services.

Video: With Pixelz, you can also correct the background of your video, remove the background, match the colour, and retouch the composition for a professional outcome.


Cutting Edger: AI Based 2D Image Editing and 3D Model Solutions 

Cutting Edger is a trusted online agency for clipping path services and 3D model solutions. The highly skilled experts use the latest tools and photo retouching techniques for the best editing outcome.

Why is it unique?

  • Basic to advanced, various ranges of clipping path services
  • Accuracy and preciseness in editing and can provide in bulks
  • Fast turnaround and flexibility in delivery
  • Free trial option and get quote option
  • No hidden charge, best pricing
  • Assigned project manager for the best outcome

Services Cutting Edger provides:

  • Background Removal, Retouching and Replace
  • 3D Furniture Modeling and Rendering Services
  • Accessory and Jewellery Retouching
  • Automobile Photograph Editing
  • Regular, Highend, Lingerie and Calendar Model Image Retouching
  • Shadow and Reflection Creation and Removal
  • Image Manipulation, Enhancement and Restoration
  • Ghost Mannequin and Hollow Man Retouching
  • 3D Product Modeling and Rendering Services
  • Color Correction and Harmonization
  • Image Clipping and Masking
  • Lifestyle Photograph Editing
  • Desktop Publishing Services



Pathedits is a simple and quick photo editing online agency famous for its top-notch photo editing and retouching services. If you are in a hurry and do not have time to wait for the quotation then this service will be your savior. You can upload images in any of your preferred formats and choose your turnout times accordingly. For default 24-hour turnout time, the cost is standard, if you want faster delivery then the cost increases and same way for delayed delivery the cost is reduced. 

Why is it unique?

  • Upload images in any format
  • Flexible delivery scheduling with cost adjustment
  • 24-hour standard turnout time with the fast delivery option
  • Revision and re-edit option

Services Pathedits provides:

  • Clipping Path Services
  • Background Removal
  • Image Masking
  • Shadow Editing
  • Ghost Mannequin
  • Color Correction
  • Photo Retouching
  • Vector Services
  • Multi-Clipping Path


Color Expert International 

If you are looking for an agency with incredible professionals then Color Expert Bd is your perfect solution. The 250+ expert professionals working here have more than 30 years of experience in photo editing and retouching. Besides, it comes with a free trial to decide whether you want to proceed with this agency. On the website, there is also a work sample category for customers to better understand the work quality.  

Why is it unique?

  • 250+ expert professionals and graphic designers
  • Free trial option
  • Sample works available on the website
  • Can deliver 5000 images per day
  • Over 15,000+ happy clients all around the world

Services Color Expert Bd provides:

  • Image Background Removal Services
  • Clipping Path
  • Post Production Service for Photographs
  • Image Masking
  • Color Correction
  • Automotive Photograph Editing
  • Jewelry Photo Editing
  • Shadow Remove
  • Vector Illustration and Conversion
  • Ghost Mannequin
  • Image Retouching
  • Image Restoration
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Catalog Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Creative Photo Manipulation
  • Advertisement Designing
  • Video Editing



Digi5Studio is the best clipping path company when it comes to providing top notch quality photo editing services. The combination of experience and technology has leveled up their photo retouching quality and worldwide happy customers are a prove of that.

Why is it unique?

  • 15 years of experience
  •  Free 5 image editing
  • Combination of advanced technology and AI
  • 24 hour service with competitive pricing
  • Free samples for better understanding

Services Digi5Studio provides:

  • Photo Manipulation and Composition
  • Product Photo Retouching
  • Automotive Photo Retouching
  • Clipping Path
  • Fashion Photo Retouching
  • Real Estate Photo Retouching



Ephotovn is among the top 10 clipping path services providers because of their unique work strategy of 24-hour turnaround along with pay per image option. You can get 1 free edit for you to understand their work quality and can get an amazing discount if you are ordering for bulks. Besides, it accepts all file formats and you can ask for unlimited changes until the edit makes you satisfied.

Why is it unique?

  • 24-hour fast turnaround
  • Payment per image with no subscription facility
  • Unlimited change request option
  • One-on-one direct communication
  • No copyright issue
  • Photo retouching price starting from 1 dollar only

Services Ephotovn provides:

  • Headshot Photo Retouching
  • Portrait Photo Retouching
  • Newborn Photo Retouching
  • Maternity Photo Retouching
  • Highend and Model Photo Retouching
  • Product Photo Retouching for E-commerce
  • Jewelry Photo Retouching
  • Real Estate Photo Retouching
  • Clipping Path and Image Masking
  • Ghost Mannequin


Clipping Path Studio

Clipping Path Studio is a premium quality, cost effective and superfast agency for providing clipping path services. Over 150+ skilled professionals are at your service to give you the best output.

Why is it unique?

  • 150+ skilled professionals and graphic designers onboard
  • Almost half of the price in comparison to the competitive market
  • Trial version available

Services Clipping Path Studio provides: 

  • Background Retouching and Removal
  • Shadow Creation and Removal
  • Photo Retouching
  • Clipping Path and Image Masking
  • E-commerce Product Image Editing


Creative Clipping Path

Creative Clipping Path Limited is a certified photo editing agency with skilled professionals and graphic designers from all across the globe. The free trial option helps you to try their service first and only when you are satisfied then proceed with further orders in bulk. One of the amazing facilities of Creative Clipping Path is that it provides customer support 24/7 which assures instant response and solution to your query and issue. Besides, you get to select from a three-shift work schedule to match your convenience.

Why is it unique:

  • Free trial option
  • 450+ skilled graphic designers
  • 24-hour client support every day
  • 20+ professional quality controller
  • 3000+ image processing capacity
  • Three shift work plans with the fastest delivery turnaround

Services Creative Clipping Path provides:

  • Clipping Path and Image Masking
  • Regula Photo Retouching
  • E-commerce Product Image Retouching
  • Background Retouching, Removal and Color Correction
  • Image Manipulation and Enhancement
  • Video Post Editing
  • GIF Animation and UI Animation
  • Title, Logo, Intro, Outro and Infographic Motion
  • Explainer, Advertising and Promotional Video Editing
  • 3D Modeling



TestCloudltd was founded in 2013 and since then it has held the glorious reputation of serving more than 1000 customers. It has a team of 250+ excellently skilled graphic designers who promise quality work within the fastest turnaround time. The free trial option lets you compare its edit quality and work capacity first and for orders the pricing is also competitive according to the current market rate.

Why is it unique?

  • Portfolio to understand their previous work and style
  • Reputation of nearly 20 years of service
  • 1000+ happy and satisfied client history
  • Cost efficient and time flexibility
  • 250+ expert graphic designers
  • Fastest turnaround time
  • Free trial option

Services TechCloudltd provides:

  • Clipping Path and Image Masking
  • Photo Retouching
  • Ghost Mannequin Effect
  • Jewelry Photo Retouching
  • Model and Headshot Image Retouching
  • Product Image Retouching

Things to consider before hiring any agency for Clipping Path services:

When you are hiring an agency for Clipping Path services you need to keep in mind some crucial facts so that the outcome becomes satisfactory. 

Firstly, you need to pick the agency that is asking the best price within your budget so that you do not overspend. As different companies have different charges you need to evaluate the price quotes and find the best deal.

Secondly, before selecting any agency try their free trial facility and see if their editing is according to your preference. This saves you from the dilemma of what the outcome shall be and gives you confidence in selecting the agency.

Thirdly, pick the agency that can provide you with maximum photo edits with the fastest turnarounds so that your projects do not get delayed. Discuss briefly with the manager about your deadline.

Fourthly, new agencies often provide better deals to grab new clients whereas established agencies provide better work due to their skill. So, choose wisely and give your instructions correctly.

Lastly, before making the full payment check the edits and make final adjustments to meet your needs. Many companies provide ultimate correction and even refund policy if you do not find the outcome satisfactory. Try to pick an agency that offers maximum re-edits and has a 24/7 customer support facility. Also, make sure the agency maintains privacy and you have the full authority of the copyrights for the edited images.



The need for Clipping Path services is at a peak due to the vast use of images in every industry. Let it be for personal photographs to make your special days memorable or any professional fashion photoshoots or product photography, everyone needs their pictures to be perfect. Post-production of photographs requires the involvement of professionals for the best outcome within the fastest turnaround and it is not possible for someone who is not efficiently trained in photo editing to complete these tasks in bulk. 

The Clipping Path services providers help individuals, startups and renowned companies to outsource the photo editing part of their projects so that they can concentrate on achieving other important tasks. We hope our article will keep you updated on the top-rated running agencies of 2024 and give you a detailed idea of how they work and the services they provide.

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