Throwing a shadow over a picture gives the impression that the image is standing or casting a shadow over its own background. The process of creating a shadow for a subject in an image is known as Shadow Creation. Shadows add depth and make your images look more natural.

Natural shadows add depth and realistic looks to your products. While taking shots of products, sometimes the shadow could not be captured perfectly. In this case, Shadow Creation with photoshop takes place to make your photograph’s subject more natural.

Shadow always gives a natural appeal to your online store potential customers. There are different types of shadow creation services like Drop shadow, Natural Shadow, Reflection or floating Shadow. 

1.Drop shadow: When the shadow looks like it falls under the subject of the image it’s called drop shadow. Creating a drop shadow makes your product like it has been raised or dropped from high. 

2.Natural Shadow: When the image subject gets shadow against its camera angle that is called Natural Shadow. It gives an image subject more natural appeal to the consumer. Generally, the natural shadow creation process developed against the light source, so it’s important to understand the proper direction of light source and camera angle. 

3.Reflection or floating shadow: It is another way to represent your products with white or smooth backgrounds. When the subject of the image gets a mirror reflection, and the reflection disappears mildly, that is called a reflection shadow, like a shadow on a swimming pool. That’s why it’s also called floating shadow. Specific types of e-commerce products must have a reflection or floating shadow, such as jewelry, shoes, elite drinks, watches, etc.

shadow creation
Shadow Creation