Product Background Removal: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhance Your E-Commerce

by Cutting Edger / Last Update: September 18, 2023 Product Background Removal: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhance Your E-Commerce

Background removal is the procedure to remove the main subject from the image and put it in a clear, white, or transparent background. It is a process of image editing which makes the photo look clear, lucid, and lucrative in terms of selling products online.


Product Background Removal is an essential proceeding for the E-commerce Business to grab the attention of their customers by providing high-quality images. Currently, e-commerce business has become indispensable throughout the world. 


The share of retail sales in ecommerce business globally in 2022 was 19.7% and it is predicted by the experts that this rate will grow up to 24% by 2026 in Global retail sales. So the need for background removal services will grow too.


The first product removal technology came to light in the early days of photography and image editing. The photographers used manual techniques to remove backgrounds with the help of traditional darkroom techniques. Sometime in the early 2000s, there was a basic image editing software like Adobe Photoshop which introduced selection tools that enabled users to remove the background with more perfection and in a professional manner.


Feeling stressed out for not getting the result as you wanted? A clear and professional product image with a transparent background will help create an appealing, eye-catching and out of the crowd presentation to potential customers. It will certainly increase customer engagement, improved conversion rates, and increased sales. Why not make it a valuable investment for an ecommerce business?


Understanding Product Background Removal

What is Product Background Removal?

Background removal service is a great tool to increase product appeal for ecommerce businesses. This service allows businesses to remove the distractions and clutter of a background, allowing customers to focus on the product. By removing the background, customers can better appreciate the features of a product, including its size, shape, color, and texture. A background removal service can help businesses to highlight their product in a professional-looking way and make them stand out from the crowd. Additionally, background removal services can help businesses to create product images that are consistent with their branding and marketing message. As a result, businesses can increase their product appeal and gain the trust of their customers.

The process of removing the background from an image of a product for the purpose to create visually attractive and professional product presentation is called product background removal

The main goal is to isolate the product on a transparent or white background which makes it easier to integrate the product into various digital platforms like, ecommerce websites, product catalogs, advertisement etc.

Types of Background Removal Techniques

There are quite a few background removal techniques, like Clipping Path, Image Masking, Image Segmentation, Deep Learning etc. Each and every technique has its own advantages and disadvantages, using the best technique depends on the specific needs of a project.

Advantages of Product Background Removal

 “Background removal service is an attention-grabbing technique for any kind of object. That’s why photographers and E-commerce business owners, Online Product Sellers are taking this service and earning benefits.”

Enhanced Product Presentation

Photo without background makes the subject more attractive as the viewer gets a clear perception and perfect vision towards the main product.It enhances the product’s appearance and makes it more visually alluring to potential customers.

Improved Product Focus

After removing the background of a certain product image, the product becomes the main attraction and the center of attention.

Increased Versatility

Product images can be easily modified and integrated into various marketing materials such as website designs, brochures, and advertisements With a transparent or neutral background.

Quicker Loading Time

Photos with transparent backgrounds take faster loading times on websites and online marketplaces. Because of the smaller file size.

Consistent Look

It is easier for customers to compare and evaluate products after getting the image without or a neutral background of products. It creates a consistent look for the entire product line.

Challenges in Product Background Removal

  • Products with complex shapes, such as those with many curves, angles, and fine details, can be challenging to remove from their backgrounds effectively.
  • Products that have reflections or shadows on their surfaces can also be difficult to remove from their backgrounds accurately.
  • Some products may have a similar color or texture as the background, making it challenging to distinguish the two and remove the background effectively.
  • Poor-quality images with low resolution or lighting issues can make it difficult to remove the background effectively and produce a clean, clear result.

Techniques for Product Background Removal

Manual Techniques

Clipping Path Technique: This is the most familiar technique for the designers from the modern era. This technique refers to the process of separating the main object by fabricating the outline around the subject after that, cutting it accordingly and removing the background from the photo. The main tool for this technique is the Pen tool of adobe photoshop.

Image Masking: When there are sharp or complex edges found in the main subject of the photo,masking technique is implemented. In this technique, use of tools are needed to define the border lines between the subject and the background, and then eliminate the background while preserving the subject. The Masking technique is often used for images with complex shapes or asymmetrical edges.

Automated Techniques

Image Segmentation: An automated technique that uses algorithms to find out and isolate the subject from the background

Deep Learning:This method uses artificial neural networks to model and solve complex problems. It can be used to train a neural network to segment an image and remove the background.

Implementing Product Background Removal

Choosing the right technique

Choosing the right technique for image background removal depends on multiple factors, like the complexity of the image, Computational resources, Image size etc. There are some widely used and renowned Tools for implementing.

Tools and Software for Product Background Removal

  • Adobe Photoshop: Founded in 1988 and still is widely used in a range of industries, including photography, graphic design, advertising, and digital media. It has some powerful features such as layers, selection tools, filters, brushes, masking, color correction, and many more. It allows for limitless creative expression and the ability to transform images into works of art.
  • GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free, easily available, and open-source image editing software, that can be used for tasks like photo retouching, image composition, and image authoring.
  • CanvaIt is more user-friendly and easy to implement for a desired result without extensive design experience. It offers a vast library of templates, images, and design elements that can be used to create a wide range of design projects.
  • It is another online tool that has been used vastly to remove unwanted backgrounds with faster processing time, is more accurate, and offers a free version.

We have also covered an article based on some free image editing platforms. Be sure to check that too.

Best Practices for Implementing Product Background Removal

There are some practices that we are following to give the best output, which includes using high-quality images, Choosing the right tool, considering the complexity of the image, paying attention to the edges, and automating the process.

The Future of Product Background Removal

Advancements in Product Background Removal Technology

Background removal technology is advancing significantly day to day, which is making the process faster, more efficient, and more accurate, 

by working with advanced tools like- Adobe Photoshop, Cutout Pro, Remove BG etc. are making it easier for businesses to represent their products in the best perceptibility and to attract more customers. preserving the original quality of the product, even after removing the background.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The integration of AI and Machine learning is playing a huge role in modern days of Image editing specially, in product background removal technology to make it faster, more accurate and profitable.

Impact on E-Commerce

While buying products from ecommerce websites, the customers can not touch or see the product in front of them. In that case, the photo of the product must be in such a shape so that the customer gets convinced easily.

By representing the best quality product photos with clarity and precision can ensure higher rate of customer engagement, thus higher chance of sales.

Future Trends in Product Background Removal

Product background removal is an ever-evolving field and new trends and technologies are emerging all the time.

AI and ML are expected to play a significant role in the future of product background removal. The trend towards real-time background removal is expected to continue. This will allow customers to see the product without a background while they are browsing the e-commerce website, providing them with a more immersive shopping experience.

The integration of VR and AR technologies is expected to revolutionize the way products are presented online. By which customers will be able to see products in a virtual environment, allowing them to see the product from different angles and get a better feel for it.


In conclusion, we get to know that removing the background of the product is the key and essential aspect of e-commerce. By removing the background properly and comprehensively, e-commerce companies can present their products in a more professional and enticing manner, it will certainly improve the perceived value of the product and will increase the conversion rates which will be proliferating the sales revenue. 

As the future of ecommerce business depends on product background removal technology is likely to play a crucial role in creating visually appealing and seamless online shopping experiences. 

You will need a business partner who will help provide you with highly professional and flawless service in terms of product background removal and image editing. You can consider Cutting Edger as your trusted service provider in case you are seeking any professional image editing company.

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