After taking photographs with mannequins, their necks, arms, and legs are visible in the image. Invisible mannequin service removes the visible neck, arms, and legs of mannequins from the image and merges the neck part (inclip) of the product to make it more realistic and visible as 3D. The remaining body parts of mannequins are hidden under the clothes.

Clothing or fashion products require photography with the shape of how it will look after wearing. But sometimes, real models are expensive or not all the time real models possibly worked. So mannequin photography is needed in fashion photography, where it also needs an invisible mannequin photo editing service to look more professional.

The Invisible Mannequin is also known as the Ghost Mannequin, 3D Mannequin, Hollow Man, Neck Joint, Symmetrical Neck Joint, Cutouts etc. All those services mean the same service that removes the extra parts of mannequins.

Invisible Mannequin