How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story

by Cutting Edger / Last Update: July 09, 2024 How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story

How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story

Instagram is one of the most loved platforms for sharing pictures. Instagram story is a dedicated feature that allows the users to upload any photo or video that is available for watch for the next 24 hours. Instagram story is temporary, receives instant feedback and is open for multiple element changes including background for better impact. Background is one of the key components to establish harmony among the subjects of the photograph or video. So, it is crucial to pick the background that complements the picture or video the most.

Why So Serious?

Many people would wonder why we are putting so much emphasis on a mere background for an Instagram story that is visible for only 24 hours. The answer to their query is, today, in the era of blooming social media, people use social sites like Instagram for both personal and professional use. 

Changing the background helps your Instagram story to be professional, and visually appealing, and captures the viewer's attention instantly. Sadly, a large proportion of Instagram users still do not know how to Change Background Color on Instagram Story. Besides, Instagram does not have a direct tool for experimenting with background so many find it a difficult task too.

In this article, we will guide you on how you can change the background of your Instagram story effortlessly for your personal and professional use. If you already know how to change background color on an instagram story then this writeup will help you advance your skills. On the contrary, for someone who does not know how to change the instagram story background colour, this writeup will guide him to understand the tricks through easy instructions.

Difference Between Instagram Story and Instagram Feed

Instagram has two features to post your images and videos. You can directly post your photos and videos on your feed or can choose the option of posting them as Instagram story. Instagram feed posts are permanent and do not have any time limit to disappear. You can change the post privacy of your feed individually. 

Instagram feed allows followers to love, comment and reshare. In this case, you do not get the actual number of people who have seen your post. But in Instagram story, you can check the profiles of people that have seen it. It also allows you to get an idea of whether your Instagram story is reaching your targeted audience or not. Besides, you can boost your Instagram story to reach your target audience too.

Trick 1: Go Solid!

The easiest, convenient and most effortless way to change background colour instagram story is to change the background to a solid colour. This way you do not need to be creative or spend time thinking about how to change instagram background colour and directly select a colour for the background from the app’s tool option.

To Change Background Color Instagram Story, Follow These Easy Steps

  • Wait until the photo or video you want to put as an Instagram story is loaded. After it's loaded, click on the “Draw” tool that is sitting in the upper right corner of your display.
  • Then, at the top of your device’s display, there will appear a number of drawing tool icons and select the first one among them.
  • Several colour options will appear at the bottom of your display then, surf through them and select the colour you want for your story background.
  • Now tap anywhere on the screen and hold it for some seconds and the background colour will automatically change to your selected colour.

Keep in mind Instagram presets a default background for your story depending on the dominant colour in solid too. Also, the discussed way to change background colour on instagram story is only applicable when the feed is used for sharing it. In other situations, the photo will be covered by the background.

Trick 2: How to Change Bg Color of a Big Story for Publishing or Reposting?

If you want to directly upload a video or photo from your gallery or try to repost a story that you have been tagged in then changing the background of the story might be a bit tricky. There are different ways to change the background color of instagram story for these cases.

Tint It!

This is a hybrid approach and might require some brain work. To tint both the image and the background select the third tool that appears at the top of your device’s screen. The tool is a marker icon with a wide rod. By clicking this, a translucent colour will appear and cover both the image and the solid background. This trick helps to change the background colour of an Instagram story but changes the story’s colour too. But do not worry, as the colour is translucent so the story will still be visible and can be seen. This trick evokes creativity and leaves a good opportunity for you to show your followers something out of the box and extraordinary. 

Picasso Time!

In this hack, you will be drawing your background for the Instagram story. To draw your background, select the last tool that appears on your display. The tool has a heart icon and after clicking it a brush will appear with torn edges to save you from making your frame messy. Then start circling your post by going slightly over the edge of the perimeter inwards. 

Besides, you can try multiple colours to draw chaotic dashes over the background to enhance the effect of intensity. Also, you can choose a colour from your photograph too. For this, select the eyedropper icon tool from the bottom left of your display and tap on the part of the image that has the desired colour that you would like to apply to your background. 

Bye Bye Squares!

Aren’t there times when you get bored of the square shape images with square backgrounds? Well, we are offering a fix to this problem too. If you want your Instagram story to stand out from others then you should try this. It is like the previous steps discussed in the first tips for sharing a new story or reposting a story that is not a post from the feed. 

The entire screen will fill with colour and the image will disappear behind it. Then, select the eraser tool, the one that looks like a penultimate and is situated at the top of your display. Then start erasing the color where you want your image to be and by this, you can give your image any shape or frame. Do not limit yourself to diagonal strokes only and experiment with your creativity.

Go Pro

Instagram influencers and models need to post a lot of stories every day. Same with professionals like photographers and e-commerce-based image editing companies to showcase their products and services. You might follow the methods to change the background of your Instagram story for a personal account but for such a professional scenario it is wise to take the help of a skilled third-party app to make the process easier.

Different software developers offer different offers with their programs that allow you to create professional-level visuals and also change the background colour of your Instagram story.

Some Popular Names of the Software are


InShot is a compact app that is easy to use by any age of people. Besides, this app has the simplest interface, including tools to edit videos and photographs. The range of photo filters is incredible and makes your Instagram stories look professionally edited. The collage-making feature is exceptionally versatile.


Mojo is one of the best apps for creating an extraordinary professional Instagram profile. This app is similar to Canva and Unfold but has additional animated features that make it stand out. It includes minimalistic yet elegant fonts and templates too. Besides, the animated feature allows one to create videos too. For brands, this app enables adding branded fonts too.


Canva is one of the most loved apps for Instagram story editing. It has a great collection of templates that allow you to start from scratch and make incredibly creative Instagram stories. Besides, it has millions of images that can be used as your Instagram story background.


If you are fond of adding videos to your Instagram story mainly then Splice is a good and compact app to edit the video and change the background. Splice is dedicated to video editing so you can use it as the primary video editing app on your phone.

Collage Maker

Collage Maker is another popular lightweight app for image editing, videos and photographs for Instagram stories. This app is versatile and includes various templates and collage formations for the users to explore and try their creativity.

There are many more apps available on the internet to help you with professional image editing of your Instagram story and most of them share similar features. So, it is wise to go through some apps on your own to see which one you are comfortable using. Besides, most of the apps have their free versions and for updated features you need to buy a subscription.

Keep in mind, whether you are using these apps for personal or professional purposes, the apps are providing you security and you have the sole copyrights of your photos and videos. Also, be cautious while linking your email or social media profile with any of the apps and go through the other user’s reviews before deciding to purchase their premium subscription. Social media is a very personal and sensitive part of our life so it is important to protect your personal information so that any third-party app does not invade or misuse it without your knowledge.


Social media platforms have become our mirrors of the life we are leading. Through social media apps, we do not only share our lives and experiences, we also use these platforms for business purposes. So, every story posted on Instagram is crucial for creating and maintaining the image of ourselves and our companies. A boring Instagram story fails to convey the purpose and people do not feel interested to watch it let alone react to it. Through Instagram stories, you get to start engagement with the viewer one-on-one through their reactions and feedback messages. You should take every aspect seriously to make the story impactful and interesting.

The background of the Instagram story sets the mood of the story for the viewers. It is like a pretty dish where you serve your mouth watering meals. If the dish, the presentation itself is not appealing enough then no matter how delightful the dish is, people will skip it. 

So, make sure your Instagram story background is as good and as creative as the story itself. Set the background wisely, experiment with tools, and let your creativity overtake the monotonous preset solid background. But at the same time do not forget the purpose of your story and overdo your background. All you need to do is select the perfect background that sets a harmony between the visuals and content and you are all set to have the most engaging Instagram story ever. 


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