Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services | Why You Need It?

by Cutting Edger / Last Update: September 16, 2023 Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services | Why You Need It?

What do you think? How many e-commerce sites exist in the world? Why these businesses are opting for ghost mannequin photo editing services? The whole world has 9.1 million e-commerce websites, and 2.5 million only in the United States of America (USA). [Source: Influencer Marketing Hub]

Businesses are highly competitive in this technologically revolutionary era. What will be your purple cow strategies to be different in this crowded marketplace? In the fashion e-commerce industry, Ghost Mannequin image editing service could be your strategy to be more engaging. In physical shops, people can touch the physical product to feel it. But in e-commerce, people can’t touch products. That’s why images are the initial influencer to convert people into customers. Because images are the primary guide to influence your target customers, so you need a ghost mannequin service for your fashion e-commerce store to catch high conversion rates.

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services | Example

What is ghost mannequin photo editing?

Product photography in the fashion industry mainly depends on mannequin photography. Taking photographs with mannequins is cost-effective, easy to set up, and time efficient. Mannequins’ photographs appear with their arms, legs, and neck. Ghost Mannequin photo editing services include a photo editing service that removes the mannequin’s arms, legs, and joint back neck part with the product professionally. This service is most important to e-commerce store owners to give their customers a realistic 3D feel for more conversion.

The Invisible Mannequin is also known as the Ghost Mannequin, 3D Mannequin, Hollow Man, Neck Joint, Symmetrical Neck Joint, Cutouts, etc. All those services mean the same service that removes the extra parts of mannequins.

What is The Purpose of Mannequins?

Professional Fashion Photography

Clothes are required to see how it looks after wearing, and the ghost mannequin technique makes it more realistic than in previous times. E-commerce store owners need an invisible mannequin image editing service to make their stores more professional than before. It helps them to convert more people from visitors to customers.

Drive More Profitability

Model photoshoots are time-consuming and expensive, which drive high production cost. The fashion industry depends on mannequin product photography for their bulk photoshoot. That minimizes production costs and makes project time efficient. But Mannequin product photography needs the Ghost Mannequin image editing service to make it professional. So Ghost Mannequin service in your studio drives you to more engaging photos and a higher conversion rate than before.

Influence Buying Decision

When your target customer visits your e-commerce website, they are primarily guided by product images influencing them to buy a product. So your image will be your audience’s first impression of your e-commerce store. Neck joint service or ghost mannequin service makes your image attractive and realistic, influencing and converting people to your customers.

Example of mannequin

Why Do Businesses Use Mannequins?

The fashion industry mostly uses mannequins to do product photography in bulk. Usually, product photography with models and professional photographers is costly to cover bulk products. To minimize production costs, fashion businesses used mannequins for their photographs.

Suppose fashion businesses do photoshoots with models that direct you to a higher price. The use of mannequins is the most convenient and cost-effective way to bulk the number of images. Invisible mannequin service is essential for the fashion industry because they do their product photography in bulk with mannequins.

What is Ghosting an Image?

While photographers take photos of any subject, unwanted elements sometimes appear on the image background. By using photoshop, those unwanted elements could be removed from the image. Those removing techniques are known as ghosting an image.

Invisible mannequin service is one image ghosting technique that removes manqueens arms, legs, and neck. Cutting Edger, an image editing company deals with the ghost mannequin effect and color correction. They treat Photo retouching and ghost mannequin as joint services for the fashion industry.

Sample of a neck joint

Neck Joint

What is a Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Service?

Neck joints and ghost mannequins are the same services under different names. There is no difference between those two services. Sometimes neck joints especially mean only the neck part joint. While photographers take photos of any product images, they take front product views and also back neck parts of the product. The image editor experts join the back neck part with the front neck part of the products. This technique is known as the neck joint.

Ghost mannequins also use the same technique to remove a dummy’s visible parts like arms, legs, and neck. Two services deal with the same problem of solving fashion industry product photography. Ghost mannequin and neck joint service make your image professional, engaging, and attractive to grab the attention of your potential costumes.

hat 783146

Difference Between Ghost Mannequin & Invisible Mannequin.

Ghost mannequin and Invisible mannequin are the same services in the image editing industry. The fashion world is commonly known for mannequin product photography. After taking mannequin product photography, the image editor manipulates the images to make them look professional by removing the mannequin’s visible part.

Ghost mannequin & Invisible mannequin both frame the same feature, the same service, and the same process with different names. It’s like one tree with two names from two other regions.

How do You Use a Ghost Mannequin?

The e-commerce fashion industry must use ghost mannequin photo editing services to be professional online stores. Bulk product photo shoots are time-consuming and expensive with accurate models. Mannequins are places to do the same work at minimal cost and efficient time. But mannequin photography needs ghost mannequin service to make the image more engaging and professional. Ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin are used to remove mannequin visible parts like legs, arms, and neck.

store window 223391

How Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services Can Benefit Your Product Images

Engaging Photo Production

The fashion industry needs engaging photos to make its e-commerce website professional. Ghost Mannequin photo editing services makes those raw photographs more professional by removing visible parts of the mannequin. An engaging photo could drive you towards more profitability.

Higher Conversion

Image is the first impression of an e-commerce store. Especially in fashion e-commerce stores, a mannequin is a prominently used element in shooting fashion product photography. The ghost mannequin effect makes your product image more realistic and gives you a higher conversion rate.

Feeling like a Realistic 3D

3D is the future of the new digital era. If you want to design your fashion products on 360-degree views, Ghost mannequin service will take first place to remove visible parts of your photographs. Then the image can be stitched to make a 360 view. This view will able to grab your potential customer 5X times better than before,


In the bottom line, ghost mannequin image editing services could be your strategy to build your business in this crowd. That makes your products more acceptable, engaging, and trendy to your visitors. If you want a reliable, dedicated project manager, quick delivery with quality ghost mannequin service, you can count on Cutting Edger as a service provider in the USA. They also help you retouch your product photos with ghost mannequins, which will help you grab more people to convert them into your customers. Be professional in your e-commerce business and win the world.

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