20 Best Coastal Cowgirl Outfit Ideas in 2024

by Cutting Edger / Last Update: June 27, 2024 20 Best Coastal Cowgirl Outfit Ideas in 2024

The classic cowgirl outfit is a worldwide popular fashion style among women of all ages. From movies to everyday fashion, this outfit has always been incredibly popular. Today’s time is for mix, match, and fusion, and fashion enthusiasts are continuously coming up with innovative additions to the coastal cowgirl look by adding clothing and accessories to it. A bit of change here and there, in addition to modernity, has been creating an amazing buzz in women’s western style clothing.


What are the Grammar of Cowgirl Outfits?

The concept of cowgirl outfits has evolved through many twists and turns since the 18th century, and rather than a fashion style, it was invented more from necessity. Women living in ranches back then needed clothes that were suitable for them to do their household chores comfortably. 

They were rearing and riding horses, so it was not feasible for them to wear long dresses. Initially, they started to shorten their gowns and split the middle of their skirts to move freely. Later, they started to wear jeans because they were long-lasting. The hats came in to save them from heat, dust, light, and rain while riding the horses. Later, the cowgirl outfits were worn in movies and photoshoots, and gradually, they gained popularity among common women all across the world.

If you think of the basics of a coastal cowgirl outfit then the Cowboy black boots, cowboy hats, denim jeans, and shirts are the statement clothing pieces that come to everyone’s mind. But as time advanced, women are coming up with frequent suggestions to experiment with the basic look to make it more appropriate as a dressing style worldwide.

This article will capture every detail of the modern cowgirl outfits that are setting trends in 2024. If you admire the coastal cowgirl aesthetic and want to elevate your cowgirl costume game, here are 20 coastal cowgirl outfit ideas to try in 2024.


The Basic Cowgirl

This is the classic cowgirl look that we have been witnessing for years. The look includes western boots along with wide-brimmed leather hats, denim clothing, and, to add shininess, silver belt buckles and chains. If you want to keep your outfit minimal and do not want to overdo it, then the basic cowgirl is your comfort look.


Top to Bottom All Black

Young girls are big fans of all black top to bottom coastal cowgirl outfits. This outfit creates a gothic look that can help you to stand out in the crowd. If you want to attempt this look you can wear a black dress and add a cowboy black hat and a pair of black cowgirl boots. Also, add silver-colored shiny accessories to bring the blink to your look.


White Top with Brown Boots

A girly cowgirl costume adds comfort and class to your clothing that is also in style. This look is soothing to the eyes and is suitable to wear at picnics and garden parties. To create this look, wear a white gown and pair it with light brown cowgirl boots. Also, to add a girly touch wear a bright yellow bow to your hair.


Long Denim Skirt with Cowboy Boots

Pairing your long denim skirt with your white cowgirl boots can create an amazing outcome. Pair the skirt with a light-coloured top and add small silver accessories like a pendant or a ring. This look is soft, subtle, and easy to create and carry as an everyday outing look.


Blazer and Boots

The blazer and boots cowgirl costume look is perfectly suitable to put on in the late winter or early breezy morning in spring. For this look, wear any blazer of brownish tone and pair it with black or brown cowgirl boots. You need to wear a blue pair of denim jeans to keep the classic cowgirl look and do not forget to tuck it inside your boots. You can carry this look for your official meetings and meeting work friends.


Blouse and Long Skirt

If you are looking for a simple yet girly cowgirl outfit then you can try this look. You can wear any solid colour skirt and pair it with a printed top and complete the look by wearing white cowgirl boots. Also, this look does not necessarily need any classic hairstyles for cowgirls so you can keep your hair open and let it flow, tie a messy bun or make a ponytail as per your comfort.


Leather Jacket with Flared Pants 

For winter cowgirl attire wear a leather jacket. The jacket can be of a beige or brown shade and pair it with a darker-shaded flared pant. The most interesting part about this look is that you can skip wearing exact cowgirl boots in this look as the pants will cover the boots. So, you can complete your look with heels, flats or even Converse as you like.


Red Boots

Wearing red boots is one of the boldest and most innovative costume ideas for cowgirl looks. If you are bored with the regular black and brown cowgirl boots or you are simply an admirer of red then pair your red boots with a light dress or gown. You can also wear blue denim jeans with this look and pair it with a black cowboy hat to keep the look  more authentic.


Adding Scarf

You can wear a scarf with your cowgirl costume to neutralize or elevate your cute cowgirl look. If you are wearing clothes that are of neutral colour then go for a bright scarf with prints to add a statement to the classic look. On the other hand, if your clothes are dark and loud then wear a light solid colour scarf to add an eye-soothing effect to your look.


Ugg Boots

Wearing Ugg boots with your modern cowgirl outfit can be a game-changer look in winter. Most of the coastal cowgirl ideas for a costume are generated keeping in mind summer or spring times. So, there are minimum options left to try in winter. You can wear knitted sweaters and a pair of blue denim or black joggers and combine the look with a pair of classic Ugg boots to beat the cold.

Go Pink

If you are attending a party and want to look outstanding and at the same time maintain your comfort then adding a pair of pink cowgirl boots and a pink cowboy hat can help you create cowgirl outfits for the party. Besides, find a long or short-sleeved knee-length shiny dress and wear silver accessories like a necklace, chain or finger ring with this look to add shine. This is among those costume looks that are feminine and at the same time can be considered as cowgirl sexy attire.

White Jeans

White jeans itself is a unique piece of cloth that itself is a fashion statement and you can pair it with a crop top or ruffled silk shirt along with black cowboy boots and a black cowboy hat to create a casual cowboy ladies attire. Wearing white jeans is very uncommon in cowgirl fashion so by doing this you can create a unique fashion statement.

Barbie Cowgirl

After the Barbie 2023 movie, people are drooling over the hot pink romper cowgirl look. So, you can pick any attire that is pink and pair them with cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat. This look is more about Barbie aesthetics so you might need to complete your makeover keeping that in mind.

Space Cowgirl

It is an advanced and creative diy cowgirl costume that requires time, thought and attention to the details. This is a futuristic approach towards cowgirl clothes ideas and coming up with attires that will be worn in the future. Also, this look brings out creativity and thoughtfulness and helps to look exceptional at the parties.

Two Pieces

The coastal cowgirl look idea is incomplete without a suggestion that includes two pieces. This outfit is perfect for a beach outing and will look sexy on anyone. Add a pair of bright red cowboy boots and a cowboy hat with your white two-piece and you will look like a fire ready to engulf anyone around.

Flowers and Laces

To create a cute and girly coastal cowgirl look you can wear your floral midi dresses or lacy dresses for a change and pair them with black, brown, red, pink or white cowboy boots. In terms of hats, you can experiment with the materials too. This outfit will add a county cowgirl subtle vibe to your regular clothing style.

Adding Vest

The vest is among those cowboy clothes for women that can create extraordinary looks if styled correctly. Style your black vest over a white dress and wear black cowboy boots. You can follow cowgirl hairstyles as your choice or wear a black cowboy hat as an accessory too. This look is more of a mix-and-match look and is popular among youngsters for the casual yet classy outcome.

Denim Shorts

To break the stereotype of cowgirl outfits only include denim jeans, you can create your outfit wearing denim shorts instead. As the denim shorts leave most of the legs uncovered it helps to make you look taller and your curves more visible. You can wear tops, blouses and loose-fitting shirts easily in this look and the casual yet bold outlook will amaze you.

Vintage Cowgirl

Now, vintage cowgirl is a very modern concept to create a coastal cowgirl outlook inspired by the vintage era. To create the outfit, wear a vintage midi or gown and pair it with black cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Keep the makeup soft and wear minimal accessories so they do not outshine the dress. You can redesign your vintage gown to make it a modern cowgirl costume diy. Besides, the concept of blending fashions of two eras is trending in 2024.  

Sparkly Cowgirl

This outfit idea is perfect for disco parties and aesthetic photoshoot poses. Bring out your sparkly and beaded party dresses and pair them with cowboy boots and cowboy hats. You can put on bright-coloured boots instead of classic black ones to create a bold statement. Also, you can go heavy with the accessories and add as much sparkle as you want to your outlook. Besides, you can try from the range of cowgirl hairstyles and each one will go with your look.

These are 20 unique outfit ideas exclusively picked for our readers. Multiple online sites sell clothing that is mentioned to create the outfit. You can surf Amazon, Shein and other e-commerce websites to find the best deal at your location. Also, there are plenty of physical stores offering high-end-to-budget cowgirl boots, jeans, jackets, hats and other accessories where you can check out the products in person and most of them also offer a fit check through trial. Additionally, there are thrift shops for you to pick your outfits at a deducted price too.

Another fact is that, with this existing mix and fashion trend you can easily wear your regular clothing and pair them up with cowgirl boots or hats to create a hybrid cowgirl outfit. So, you do not have to purchase an entire closet dedicated to creating cowgirl costumes. Besides, you can take a look at references from popular movies where actresses wore cowgirl attires and go through high end professional retouch photo shoots to have a more visual concept regarding the aesthetic of cowgirl outfits too. 

The main aspect of the cowgirl outfit when it was generated was comfort and flexibility, though from time to time women have worn this look to look bold and sexy along with ensuring comfort. It depends on your age, features, personality and preference on how you want to create your outfit and what kind of vibe you are trying to give through the attire.



Coastal cowgirl outfits are definitely in for the fashion trend ongoing in 2024. The fashion industry is evolving so fast and bringing out the best fashion styles of the past. From teenage girls to grown-up women, everyone seems to love cowgirl outfits, as they are the perfect western outlook to carry. This article is dedicated to all the admirers of cowgirl attire who are always looking for


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