The Impact of Background Removal on E-commerce Sales

by Cutting Edger / Last Update: September 18, 2023 The Impact of Background Removal on E-commerce Sales

The process of removing a certain object from the main image and adding the object in a white or transparent background is called Background removal.

Recently, it has become an important aspect in e-commerce sales. By removing the background of an image and replacing it with a clear background, products are more clearly presented to potential customers. It certainly increases the sales in e-commerce.

Want to know the impact of background removal on E-Commerce sales? Well, the answer is very much straightforward, the main goal of e-commerce companies is to increase sales and generate more revenue while doing business online.

The Importance of Product Images in E-commerce

Image of a product plays the most crucial role in e-commerce, as they make the first connection with the customers by representing the company’s brand identity, product segments, attraction towards their desired product etc.

In many cases, customers rely on product images to make purchasing decisions. Therefore, it is important for e-commerce businesses to invest in good product photography and to present images that accurately represent their products.

Why High-Quality Product Images Matter

High-quality product images help to build trust with customers by providing an accurate representation of the product.

Good quality product images can help to engage customers and keep them on a website for longer, which can increase the chances of them making a purchase. Thus, Increase in sales.

The Role of Product Images in Driving E-Commerce Sales

Here are some key factors of product images that proliferate e-commerce sales

  • Positive First Impression: The first impression a customer has of a product is its images. High-quality product images are needed to create a positive first impression and help to differentiate a product from others on the market.
  • Building Customer Trust: High-quality product images can help to build trust with customers, as they provide an accurate representation of the product.
  • Visual Representation of the Object: Product images provide customers with a visual representation of what they are buying, allowing them to see the product’s features, design, and texture.
  • Improves Product Understanding: Product images can help customers to understand the product better, particularly for items that have intricate designs or textures.
  • Influence Purchase Decisions: Product images can play a significant role in influencing purchasing decisions, as they provide customers with a visual representation of what they are buying.

The Impact of Poor-quality Product Images on E-Commerce Sales

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.”
-Aldo Gucci

As we know, good quality product images can make the result profitable in e-commerce sales. On the other hand, a poor and opaque photo can drive away potential customers from the website.

  • Reduced Engagement: Poor-quality images are unlikely to capture a customer’s attention or interest, and may lead to them quickly losing interest in the product and moving on to another site.
  • Decreased Credibility: Poor-quality images can give customers the impression that a business is Unprofessional or trustworthy.
  • Confusion and Uncertainty: Low-resolution or unclear images can make it difficult for customers to accurately gauge the size, color, or features of a product, leading to confusion and uncertainty about what they are buying.
  • Decreased Conversions: In terms of buying decision, when customers are unable to evaluate a product due to poor-quality images, they are not likely to make a purchase. which results in decreased conversions and loss in sales for the business.

Background Removal and Its Benefits

What background Removal Is and How It Works

Background removal refers to the task related to photo editing, by which the main character of an original photo is detached and added to a crystalline backdrop.

Background removal on e-commerce sales is the solution for the company who are currently looking to make more customer engagement, professional photo presentation, more lead generation and upscaling the profitably in business.

The Benefits of Background Removal for E-commerce Businesses

  • Improved Product Presentation: Removing the background from product images helps to separate the product and make it the focal point for the customers, it leads to improved product presentation and increased customer engagement.
  • Consistent Branding: It allows to make a consistent image style, which makes it easier for customers to understand and recognize the brand. This consistency helps to build trust with customers and improve brand recognition.
  • Improved User Experience: By removing distracting backgrounds and focusing on the product, background removal can improve the overall user experience.
  • Increased Sales: After customers are well aware of the product, getting a clear vision and finding an attractive product image, their willingness to buy will accelerate and the sales will drastically rise.

Examples of how background removal can improve product images

Let us know how background removal contributes to the improvement of the photos of e-commerce-

  • Electronic Products: Removing the background from electronics images can help to highlight the features and design of the product, making it easier for customers to see the details and understand how the product works.
  • Clothing and Fashion Products: In the context of clothing and fashion images removing the background can help highlight the details and fit of the clothing, makes it easier for the customers to see the product and make purchasing decisions confidently.
  • Beauty and Personal Care: After removing the background from a beauty care or cosmetic product images can help to highlight the product, which will eventually make it easier for customers to see the details, understand how the product works therefore, they are buying the product.
  • Home Appliance Products: A clear and professional image of home goods images can help provide details of the product, customers will be able to see how the product will look in their home and make favorable purchasing decisions.

The Impact of Background Removal on E-commerce Sales

How Can Background Removal Improve the Shopping Experience for customers?

It has been determined that a rich, organized and professional product page can create a better shopping experience, which is helping to attract and retain customers and puts a significant impact on e-commerce sales

The Effects of High-quality Product images on Customer Behavior

Quality product images have a significant impact on customer behavior in e-commerce. They can influence customer’s purchasing decisions and shape their overall perception of a product and brand by Increasing Product Awareness.

High quality images can create a positive perception of the product’s existence, it looks more appealing to customers, this can lead to optimistic and loyal buyers for the e-commerce website.

Data-driven Evidence of The Impact of Background Removal on E-Commerce Sales

According to a study by NOP, World Culture Score found that 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product online if it has multiple high-quality images.

e-commerce platform Shopify found that products with high-quality images have an average conversion rate that is 2.9 times higher compared to products with low-quality images.

BigCommerce, a fashion retailer, reported that after implementing background removal for their product images, their conversion rates increased by 9.6%.

So, this clearly demonstrates that background removal can have a significant impact on e-commerce sales. By improving the quality of product images, businesses can attract more customers, increase their perceived value of the product, and drive sales.

Choosing the Right Background Removal Technique

The right background removal technique for the e-commerce business depends on several factors, including the complexity of your product images, the level of precision required, and the available resources.

The different methods of background removal

There are some basic Methods of background removal includes

1) Thresholding Technique: This is a technique to convert grayscale or color images into binary images by defining a threshold value and converting pixel values above or below it to black or white.

2) Edge Detection Algorithms: This image processing technique is used to identify and highlight the edges of objects within an image and then complete the proceeding by analyzing the variations in intensity or color between adjacent pixels and identifying sudden changes or discontinuities that correspond to object boundaries.

3) GrabCut Method: Image segmentation technique that allows users to separate foreground and background regions accurately by cutting the required portion of the image.

4) Foreground-Background Segmentation Technique: Image processing techniques used to separate an image into foreground and background regions, including thresholding, edge-based, clustering, and machine learning methods.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Background Removal Technique

There are some important factors to keep in mind while choosing a suitable technique.

The essential factors that should be considered in choosing the right background removal technique, includes the Image quality of the product, Complexity of the background, required level of precision, Computational resources, processing speed, Scalability, Cost etc.

Examples of Popular Background Removal Tools and Services

Some popular background removal tools and services include Adobe Photoshop, etc. These tools allow you to easily remove the background from an image, leaving just the subject isolated on a transparent or solid color background.

Best Practices for Background Removal in E-commerce

Professional image editing companies like Cutting edger follow some best practices which includes the steps like Use a solid color background, remove shadows, keep consistent lighting, use a high-resolution image, crop tightly to the product, and consider using photo editing software like adobe photoshop to perfect the final image.

The common mistakes for the designers that must be avoided are: Not using a consistent background, leaving shadows, improper cropping, incorrect color representation, and not using high-resolution images.

A/B testing can be conducted to compare two versions of a product to determine a better performing one. It helps optimize ecommerce product images by comparing different image variations to determine which one performs better with customers.


Background removal on e-commerce sales puts impact on the business thoroughly, as it enhances product images and makes them visually appealing, leading to increased customer engagement and purchase likelihood. By removing distractions and focusing on the product, background removal improves the overall customer experience and drives sales.

In conclusion, to make an ecommerce business a successful one, a company’s growth depends on increase in sales, improvement in customer engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty and enhance the overall user experience. To get these results, the product background removal process is the key factor. Cutting Edger can be your trusted partner in case you are looking for quality and professional service.

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