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by Cutting Edger / Last Update: September 18, 2023 5 Background Removal Apps For Mobile | Shortcut Background Removal

Background removal apps refer to specialized image processing applications available for mobile devices. Such specialized mobile applications are used to separate a person or an object from an image in the background 


This is a feature of an image editing service made available in a quick and efficient mode. This made it easier for the designers to conduct the image editing in the shortest possible way.  


Background removal mobile apps provide convenience, speed, and flexibility for on-the-go professionals in photography, e-commerce, and graphic design. 


Why Use Background Removal Apps?

Background removal apps offer several benefits that make them admired among professionals and enthusiasts in various industries.

These apps provide a powerful tool for enhancing visual content in various fields, such as photography, e-commerce, and graphic design.

 Here are some reasons why background removal apps are useful:

  • Convenience: Background removal apps are often available on mobile devices, making them convenient for on-the-go use.
  • Saves time: Background removal apps can automate the process of removing backgrounds, saving time compared to manual methods.
  • Improve visual aesthetics: Removing a distracting or cluttered background can make the subject of an image stand out and look more appealing.
  • Isolate subjects: Removing the background from an image can make it easier to isolate the subject, allowing for more flexible use in other contexts.
  • Customize visuals: Background removal apps allow you to change the background or add new elements, offering more creative control and customization.

5 Best Background Removal Apps For Mobile Devices

As technology advances the use of mobile devices is proliferating day to day, when any software is launched for desktop version it is necessary to make a mobile app version as well. There are several background removal apps available for all in this modern day. 

Our Chosen Top 5 List

1. YouCam Perfect: This is a photo editing and camera app that allows users to enhance their photos with a variety of filters, effects, and features.

Key Features:

Offers a range of features, including beautifying tools like skin and face enhancement, teeth whitening, and eye enlarger. It also includes real-time selfie filters, a collage maker, a background remover, and video selfies. 


Its collage maker, background changer, and video selfies enable users to create unique and visually appealing content. The app’s social media integration allows users to easily share their edited photos on various platforms. 


One potential drawback of YouCam Perfect is that some of its features and filters may be considered overly aggressive or unrealistic. 

Additionally, some users may find the app’s interface and editing tools overwhelming or confusing. Finally, the app’s free version includes ads and watermarks on edited photos, which can be removed with a paid subscription.


2. Adobe ExpressThis application offers a background removal feature that allows users to quickly and easily remove the background of an image. This feature is called the “Remove Background” tool and uses AI-powered technology to identify and remove the background from an image. 

Key Features:

This app offers a range of filters and effects, as well as text and background removal tools. Other than that it offers seamless integration with other Adobe products, making it a powerful and versatile photo editing app.


It is user-friendly and easy to use, making it accessible to a wide range of users with varying levels of photo editing experience. The background removal feature is that it allows users to easily and accurately remove the background from an image, creating a transparent or solid-color background that can be used for a variety of purposes. 


Adobe Express’s background removal feature is that it may not always produce accurate results, particularly in more complex images with intricate or overlapping subjects. In some cases, the AI-powered tool may struggle to accurately distinguish the foreground from the background, leading to errors or incomplete removals. 

3. PhotoRoomPhotoRoom is a mobile app designed for iOS and Android devices that allows users to remove the background from photos quickly and easily. 

Key Features:

The app’s AI-powered technology can automatically detect the subject of a photo and remove the background with just a few taps. The removed background can be replaced with a variety of different backgrounds or left transparent.


It saves users time and effort compared to manually editing the photo in a traditional image editing software. The app’s free version allows users to remove the background from up to five photos per month. Users can create professional-looking photos and graphics without any design or editing skills.


While PhotoRoom provides several output quality options, the app does not allow for highly customized output settings. This may limit the ability of advanced users to fine-tune the image output for specific use cases.

4. Background EraserBackground Eraser is another app, particularly useful for people who want to create collages, digital art, or social media posts with unique and creative backgrounds.

Key Features:

The app offers a range of tools and features to help users edit and customize their images, including advanced algorithms that can detect the edges of an object in a photo and separate it from the background.

The app provides a range of brush sizes and shapes that allow users to remove the background around the edges of the object with precision. 


This app has the ability to create unique and creative collages and digital art. Apart from easy and quick background removal.


The main drawbacks of the Background Eraser app is that the automatic background removal tool may not be as accurate or effective on complex backgrounds or intricate details. 

Additionally, the free version may have limited features and include ads, while the full version requires payment for access to all features.

5. PhotoCutPhotoCut is a good mobile app designed for Android devices that allows users to remove the background from photos very easily and in a quick time. 

Like other background removal apps, it uses AI-powered algorithms to automatically detect the edges of the subject in a photo and separate it from the background.

Key Features:

It also provides a range of features and tools to enhance and customize photos, including the ability to change the background to a solid color or a custom image, add text and stickers, adjust brightness and contrast, apply filters and effects, and more. 


PhotoCut is beneficial for people who need to create product images, social media posts, or custom graphics without the need for expensive software or professional design skills. 


It does have some potential drawbacks and limitations like, Limited accuracy and Functionality,Although the app is free to use, some features and tools require a subscription to access. 

Compatibility and Availability of These Apps on Various Platforms

Background removal apps are widely available on mobile devices, including iOS and Android.  

These apps can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store and are generally free to use, although some may offer in-app purchases for additional features.

Some popular online background removal tools include Clipping Magic, Remove.bg, and Canva. These tools are generally free to use, although some may offer premium features or require a subscription.

Shortcut Background Removal Techniques

The best technique to use will be depending on the specific image and the software being used. 

It may be necessary to use a combination of techniques to achieve the desired result. Clipping path, Magic Wand tool, and Color Correction tool are all commonly used techniques for background removal in image editing software. 

Here’s how each one works:

Clipping path: A clipping path involves drawing a path around the subject in the image, which is then used to remove the background. 

Magic Wand tool: The Magic Wand tool is a selection tool that allows you to select pixels in the image based on their color or tone. This tool can be used to quickly select the background in an image and delete it. 

Color correction tool: It allows users to adjust the color and tone of an image. This tool can be used to adjust the background of an image to make it easier to remove. 

Clipping path, Magic Wand tool, and Color Correction tool are all commonly used techniques for background removal, but their availability and implementation may vary across mobile apps. 

Some apps that provide basic clipping path tools include Adobe Photoshop Express and Canva.

The Magic Wand tool is a common feature in many mobile image editing apps, including Adobe Photoshop Express, PicsArt, and Pixlr. 

Mobile apps such as Movavi Clips, FilmoraGo and Adobe Premiere Rush also provide color correction tools.

You can learn from us about more advanced techniques – Advanced Background Removal Techniques

Tips for Getting the Best Results

Here are some tips and tricks for getting the best results while using background removal apps:

  • Choose a high-quality image with good lighting and contrast.
  • Make sure the object you want to keep is well-defined and clearly distinguishable from the background.
  • Use a background removal app with advanced algorithms and AI-based technology for better accuracy and precision.
  • Check and refine the edges of the object to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.
  • Choose the appropriate output file format for your intended use (PNG for transparent backgrounds, JPEG for solid color backgrounds).
  • Finally, save the edited image in the correct format so that it can be easily used in other applications.


In this article, we reviewed five of the best background removal apps for mobile devices. Each of these apps has its unique features and advantages, making them suitable for different users with varying needs.

Overall, background removal apps are extremely useful in a variety of fields, and can drastically improve the quality of photographs, videos and graphic design projects.

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