Who We Are?

At Cutting Edger, we bring artistry and technology together to redefine the world of visual aesthetics. Since our foundation in 2019, we have been dedicated to providing exceptional services in image editing, desktop publishing (DTP), 3D Modeling and Rendering. Our passion for creativity and attention to detail set us apart, enabling us to deliver captivating visual solutions that leave a lasting impact. From enhancing images to crafting realistic 3D models, our talented team leverages industry-standard tools and techniques to bring your vision to life. We thrive on challenges and pride ourselves on surpassing client expectations. Join us on a journey of innovation and imagination as we create visuals that stand on the epitome of excellence.

17+ Years of Prior Experience

With a legacy spanning over 17+ years, Cutting Edger boasts an impressive track record of prior experience in the visual industry. Our journey began long before our official establishment in 2019, as a team of passionate artists and skilled professionals came together to explore the boundless possibilities of visual storytelling. Over the years, we have honed our expertise in Image Editing, DTP, 3D Modeling, and Rendering, gaining insights and knowledge that have shaped us into the industry leaders we are today. Our extensive experience enables us to navigate complexities with ease and deliver solutions that reflect our commitment to excellence. At Cutting Edger, our rich history serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to creativity, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Maintaining Highest Standard & Ethical Concerns

Maintaining the highest standards and ethical concerns is at the core of everything we do. We understand the impact our work can have on clients, their brands, and the world at large. That's why we hold ourselves to stringent ethical guidelines, ensuring transparency, integrity, and confidentiality in all our operations. Our team upholds a strong commitment to delivering exceptional services while adhering to industry best practices and legal requirements. We prioritize the ethical treatment of data, ensuring the privacy and security of our clients' valuable information. Moreover, we are dedicated to sustainable practices, striving to minimize our environmental footprint and contribute positively to the communities we serve. At Cutting Edger, ethical responsibility is not just a checkbox; it's an inherent part of our culture, and we take great pride in maintaining the highest standards in all aspects of our work.

Our Goals

Our Goals
  • Our goals are simple yet ambitious - to exceed client expectations, push the boundaries of creativity, and set new industry standards.

Our Vision

Our Vision
  • Our vision is to become a global leader in advanced visual solutions, renowned for innovation, integrity, and an unwavering dedication to excellence.

Our Mission

Our Mission
  • Our mission is to excel in image editing, DTP, 3D Modeling, and Rendering services, upholding ethical standards and forging lasting client partnerships.


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Meet Our Leader Panel

Delwar Hussain
COO, Cutting Edger

With over 18 years of experience in Graphic Design, Image Editing, 3D Modeling/Rendering, and Digital Products, the Co-Founder and COO of Cutting Edger, Delwar Hussain has collaborated with local and international giants like Coca-Cola, Turkish Airlines, and BBC. Specializing in Post Production Image Editing, Desktop Publishing, Web Design, and more, he is adept at managing diverse projects with large teams. Friendly, creative, and professional, he brings expertise and innovation to every endeavor.

Enamul Karim
CSO, Cutting Edger

Enamul Karim, a dynamic C-suite specialist, co-founded Cutting Edger in Houston, Texas, where he has been instrumental in driving remarkable growth through innovative strategies and keen financial analysis. With a distinguished track record of achievements at BV Creatives Inc. and Vivid Technologies Limited, Enamul Karim is widely recognized for his proven success and visionary leadership in the industry. His unwavering commitment to excellence and strategic acumen make him a true luminary in the field of business and technology.

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